TMG Method


From zero to hero with 6 easy chords ..

Learn how to retune your guitar to play ANY song fast !!


 The Ten Minute Guitarist Method:



Are you frustrated in your attempts to learn Guitar? Do you find learning and playing the chord shapes difficult?


If so, then I know exactly how you feel.


There’s nothing more frustrating than forgetting where to place your fingers. And to make matters even worse the chords you can manage don’t sound all that great!


You feel like you’ve failed and the seeds of doubt begin to grow in your mind as you question your skill at learning Guitar, and whether the whole exercise has just been a waste of your time.


Until today, the only way to fix these problems was to practice, practice, and practice -or to sign up with a guitar teacher who might be able to offer some advice.


The big problem with trying to practice your way through these difficulties is the very real risk of giving up in frustration – again. And we all know that getting lessons with a teacher are neither convenient nor cheap


That’s why today, I’m thrilled to be able to share with you my new video training program The Ten Minute Guitarist.


Hi, my name is Guy Kirby and I’ve been playing guitar and writing music for over 28 years.


In my new video series The Ten Minute Guitarist I turn the standard method of learning guitar on it’s head and reveal a much simpler and faster system to get beginners playing songs fast.


And what makes The Ten Minute Guitarist different to every other guitar method out there is that the chords are so easy that you will literally be playing your first song in only ten minutes!


If you are looking for a standard guitar method the Ten Minute Guitarist is definitely not for you.


In the Ten Minute Guitarist I reveal a special guitar tuning which will have you playing your first three chords with a straight finger!


This is why it is so fast to play your first song and make great sounding music


Here’s a sneak peak at what’s covered in The Ten Minute Guitarist:



Clear Chord diagrams to make the finger positions crystal clear


Why many beginners give up when they learn in standard tuning


I demonstrate a much better way of tuning your guitar, which makes the guitar sound inherently more beautiful


I demonstrate the first three identical chord shapes


I show you how to read the chord diagrams to make learning super easy


I show you what you need to know about guitar tablature to make learning new guitar riffs and solos super simple


I explain why it is unnecessary these days  for beginners to learn to read music – there is a much easier and simpler way and I show you what it is



I show you how easy it is to play guitar by ear and not by theory


I show you the guitar accessories you will need


I show you the guitar websites and how they can help you play any song you would like to learn


I show you the six chords you will need to play virtually any pop song ever written – Yes that’s right! You only need to learn six chords and you can play almost any pop song ever written




The early response to The Ten Minute Guitarist has been remarkable.


Here are just a few of the comments I’ve received:


I can’t believe no one has thought of this before John Maconachie –Townsville QLD.


It makes the whole process of learning the first chords so much easier! Kylie Higgs-Cairns QLD


By now you’re probably wondering how much The Ten Minute Guitarist is going to be.


And that’s a fair question considering most guitar teachers now charge a minimum fee of $30 – $40 per hour of tuition.


However, the reason I created The Ten Minute Guitarist is to make the process of learning guitar as simple and easy as possible.


And to make it available to everyone worldwide – not just the students who happen to live nearby.


This is my very first launch and so to celebrate I am virtually giving the course away at a crazy 50% discount.

And so for the next two weeks only, if you grab your copy of The Ten Minute Guitarist, you can get it for a special one-time investment of just $94 $47

If you have always wondered-is it easy to learn guitar?


The answer is YES!!


And I will show you how.


Download your video lessons today and you will also receive these 3 bonuses – while stocks last [only 73 sets left]




 A Free Digital Tuner  valued at $19.95 . This is the tuner i personally use and love . I ordered a shipment of tuners for you guys from china – but the quality was low and i would have been embarrassed to put my name to it .These Snark tuners however are Awesome and if you have never tried one before you will love it ! 



A Free Guitar Capo valued at $14.95 . As you have seen in the lessons a Capo and Tuner are essential items when you play guitar and especially if you like playing in Open Tunings. This is no cheap import




$5 Shipping Worldwide till Dec 30 !! Yes that is right , i am so keen to get the Ten Minute Guitarist System out there – i will personally pay most of the price on shipping for the Digital Tuner and Guitar Capo.  And you will get the Video Lessons instantly via web download so you can get started now !


These Bonuses cannot last . The shipping costs to the United States are Horrendous ! To cover my costs i will be charging a $10 shipping fee from January 1st 2018 for people outside Australia – So get in now before the price increases !





If you are unhappy with the Ten Minute Guitarist System for any reason tell me why on the contact form and i will send you your money back no questions asked.



So what are you waiting for ? You have nothing to lose !

Download the system today for only $47 and enjoy the comfort of our 30 day guarantee

Just click the Buy Now button below this line.




In fact, I’m so confident that The Ten Minute Guitarist will work for you, that if you still can’t make great sounds out of your guitar within the first month of using it, just send me an email and I’ll refund you the full purchase price, no questions asked.


Remember: You’ve been struggling to learn guitar for far too long.


You can finally put an end to all your frustration and disappointment simply by following the step-by-step approach revealed in The Ten Minute Guitarist.


Imagine your friend’s surprise when you play them some great sounding guitar!


So grab your copy of The Ten Minute Guitarist now for only $47 and let’s get you started today.





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